The Succubus Modpack 2.3a !!IMPORTANT Memory setting change!! Zelda Hearts!

Hey all,

Finally fixed the mobs, they should be a little more difficult as my earlier post says. I also scaled villagers, guards, and combat npcs to go with the higher enemy health.

Memory update:

Its very important to make sure you allocate more memory for minecraft since it uses more mods. Check your PC’s memory then click edit profile in your minecraft launcher, check the JVM Arguments check box and put in a high amount of ram next to -Xmx.
This is in Gigs so if you set it to -Xmx6 it will use a maximum of 6 gigs if it needs to. I reccomend using at least 4 gigs with the mods we have.

Many Configuration updates:

Important to delete your config and mods folders and then extract the modpack to your .minecraft directory. This will not change your keybindings.

Zelda Hearts:

I have increased the Zelda hearts to 20 instead of 10 to help with some of the difficulty ramping and to help get people exploring!

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