Speed up and stability by Updating Forge – Memory

I am trying to keep witht he mods we have and no longer will be adding more mods unless the aether can fix their health issues.

So we will be staying with the mods we have for a long time.

There is a new version of Forge that is supposed to load mods more efficiently and quickly. It also fixes many crashes. The new forge version fixed a crash with generating some structures in world also YAY!!! (Thanks Fro for helping me find this!)

Download Latest forge from Download link above.

Then Click Install client:

Click Ok and it should install in a couple of seconds.


Keep in mind that after you install the new Forge you will have to update the memory settings again that I listed below!

Change the Xmx1G to AT LEAST 4 is you can. The example i show is 7 gigs (Remember to check your computers memory before you set this!):


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