New World Up!

New World is up.
The new server starter area is in this cute little nook surrounded by Tall trees.

Make sure you find a spot for your house or use the Deku house there for safety at night.

Command page updated with Teleport point (Currently only Spawn teleport available)

Mobs are set to default EASY settings. However there are still rare infernal mobs, So Be careful!

Kick back and enjoy!

New World Coming up!

It looks like the majority with all 6 votes towards a new world.
I will prep the new world and make sure the starter area is in a non Desert biome.

The mod trim allowed us to remove 37 mods! woot!

We can now have a much faster more stable server than ever.
This allows us to also run the client with less memory.

I will post when the server is back up with the new world here on the website!

Players poll

Since the 2.4 Stable update, Things seem to be going much more smoothly.
Less crashing bugs etc.

I want to put up a poll for people on whether or not we want to keep the current world, or start a new world with all the stable mods and features in. (Also MOBS will be back to normal instead of all powerful if I make a new world).

Thanks for taking the time to vote! I will let you know how the results go!

Speed up and stability by Updating Forge – Memory

I am trying to keep witht he mods we have and no longer will be adding more mods unless the aether can fix their health issues.

So we will be staying with the mods we have for a long time.

There is a new version of Forge that is supposed to load mods more efficiently and quickly. It also fixes many crashes. The new forge version fixed a crash with generating some structures in world also YAY!!! (Thanks Fro for helping me find this!)

Download Latest forge from Download link above.

Then Click Install client:

Click Ok and it should install in a couple of seconds.


Keep in mind that after you install the new Forge you will have to update the memory settings again that I listed below!

Change the Xmx1G to AT LEAST 4 is you can. The example i show is 7 gigs (Remember to check your computers memory before you set this!):


The Succubus Modpack 2.3a !!IMPORTANT Memory setting change!! Zelda Hearts!

Hey all,

Finally fixed the mobs, they should be a little more difficult as my earlier post says. I also scaled villagers, guards, and combat npcs to go with the higher enemy health.

Memory update:

Its very important to make sure you allocate more memory for minecraft since it uses more mods. Check your PC’s memory then click edit profile in your minecraft launcher, check the JVM Arguments check box and put in a high amount of ram next to -Xmx.
This is in Gigs so if you set it to -Xmx6 it will use a maximum of 6 gigs if it needs to. I reccomend using at least 4 gigs with the mods we have.

Many Configuration updates:

Important to delete your config and mods folders and then extract the modpack to your .minecraft directory. This will not change your keybindings.

Zelda Hearts:

I have increased the Zelda hearts to 20 instead of 10 to help with some of the difficulty ramping and to help get people exploring!