The Succubus Modpack 2.3 HUGE stability, Mob, and loading update

Hey all!

I was looking for a way to make the game a little more challenging without making it deadly.
I have worked hard to manually edit a bunch of the java and config files for the mods.
Here are some of the additions:


  • All mobs health have been increased by a good amount, requiring more than one hit explode enemy mobs!
  • Zombies speed has been increased slightly.
  • Zombies have a chance to call on/spawn for help from another zombie
  • Zombies will do more damage now.
  • Rare mobs that have buffs will now have much more health and will have a chance to do much more damage!
  • Ultra rare mob bosses are dangerous as usual but have more health.
  • No MORE sticky mobs that disarm you! Yes the disarm mechanic has been disabled! (Your welcome Ashuri)
  • ALL boss mobs (The Wither, all chocolate quest bosses, All thaumcraft Bosses, All Twilight bosses) have had their health DRAMATICALLY increased. (So you might need help from a friend to defeat them)

New Faster detailed Loading screen:

  • A new loading screen will display when you start minecraft now. No more trying to guess if minecraft is loading or frozen on startup.
  • Some may notice a speed up on loading.


  • Fixed a minor bug causing lag when a shade spawns
  • Advanced enchanting table not loading the GUI.

New Mods:

  • Damage indicators: Since mobs have more health I thought it would be helpful to bring back the damage indicator mod.

Config Changes:

  • Many MANY configuration changes. Too many to list!
  • PLEASE make sure you delete your config folder and mods folder with this update! (IMPORTANT) You will not lose your keybindings.

The Succubus Modpack 2.2

Hey all,

A HUGE stability update! Many changes have been made to the config files to make the game as stable as possible.

With any luck we can leave the modpack at this version for a while as long as we don’t bump into any crashes. The server has been more stable and the updates are to clean up some mod compatibility etc.

One of the config changes I did I fixed the Advanced Enchanting Table

Gany's Surface Mod fix (for those interested):

Many mods have been updated and I have updated their respective config files for our server:

Mods updated:

Fastcraft 1.21
BiblioCraft 1.10.1
Galacticraft 3.0.11
Infernal Mobs 1.6.0
Ruins Spawning System 14.7
EvilCraft 0.8.3
BuildCraft 6.4.6
Automagy 0.22.1
Electrical Age 1.9 r46
Gany’s Nether 1.7.8
Gany’s Surface 1.9.6
CoFH core 3.0.0RC7
Level Up! 0.10


Delete your config and mods folder then extract the modpack to your .minecraft directory.

Stability aim TheSuccubus Modpack 2.1

Hey all,

I am aiming for stability in any modpack updates and configuration changes right now.


New Mods:

  • Mystcraft: Create portals to new worlds through books. Also return to the overworld from any dimension, even space -You are welcome Ashuri!

Updated Mods:

  • FastCraft 1.20

Updated Configs:

  • ExtrabiomesXL: Changed the config so that villages only load in Vanilla biomes to prevent a crash
  • Twilight forest: Changed conflicting Biome ID’s (this time i got it for sure! … I think)
  • AncientWarfare: Turned off structure generation for this to prevent it from creating enemy and allied Towns. I regret having to do this but I think that some of the structures generated were causing a crash.
  • Tinkerers Construct: Fixed a few configs to make sure that vanilla tools were working properly

Teleport ports Updated/Added:
Command: /Teleport DESTINATION

  • TheEnd : Updated with the new location
  • DeepDarkEntrence : Entrance to the Deep Dark
  • DeepDarkExit : Exit from the Deep Dark

The config file delete and update from the modpack will no longer effect your keybindings!!

Download the new mod pack, make sure to delete your mods and config folder then extract the modpack to: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft



The Succubus ModPack 2.0 is here!

A Bunch of new changes, Mainly with the Quest Book!

  • Quest Book fixed so that many of the quests rewards pertain to our mods
  • Quest book main story rewritten by me! YAY for quick hand!
  • Quest Book images changed and fixed!
  • Quest book Random Rewards bags fixed to pertain to our mods and prevent client crash on missing rewards!
  • These changes are made to the config folder so be sure to delete/overwrite your existing config folder with the ones included in the rar file. instructions at the bottom

Some fixes for ID conflicts and biome ID conflicts in the configuration files:

  • Some biomes and Items were conflicting with each other.
  • Fixed so that it will prevent a crash in the future
  • config folders need to be overwritten with new ones from rar file

Check your keybindings:

  • The configure update may also changed some of the keybindings (Sorry)
  • Change Keybindings by hitting Esc –> Options –> Controls –> To wipe a keybinding, click on it and hit ESC.

New Mods:

  • Steve’s Carts
  • Gany’s Nether
  • Gany’s End
  • Gany’s Surface

Updated Mods:

  • Buildcraft

IMPORTANT Modpack INSTALL instructions!:

  • Browse to the following folder: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
  • Delete your mods folder
  • Delete your config folder (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Make sure you extract the .rar file to your: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft folder!!!
  • Play!


Version 1.83 Available Smoother Ride

Hey all,

in order to make the ride a bit smoother in minecraft I have decided to lighten the load a bit. I went through the packages and deleted the following:

26 Mods Removed:

Malisis Doors
Pams ClaySpawn
All of project Red

You can download the latest pack from the downloads link with all the removed and updated mods.
Be sure to extract it to your minecraft folder after you delete your Mod Folder.


Game Changes updates, removals, and SPACE!! 1.81

Hey All some changes!

New Quest mode activated

You should now have a quest book in your inventory when you log in. Follow it its fun! (Note some of the % wont change until you collect all of the needed items)

If you didnt get a quest book make one by putting a book and a piece of string into a crafting table.

New Client Side map:

This map shows much more and can also show mobs and other useful info. Default Keybinding is J

Space Map:

Space and galaxies shown on your M Key

Zelda Hearts:

For balance reasons I have lowered this back down to 10 hearts. Some of you running around with 180 health is a little nuts.

(New players joining the first time might get booted initially when someone new joins but this will resolve itself)

The Erebus
Iguanas Tinkerers Upgrade mod (Just way too annoying now)

Quest System!!
Blood Magic
Forbidden Magic
More Chisels!
More Trees
Farming stuff!
Space!!! Yes space, Explore space!! Make a ship and blastoff!

And Much More!

Download Version 1.8. Dont forget to extract the rar file to your:C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft


Mod Pack Update! 1.7

Hey all!

The mod pack has been updated to 1.7


BiblioCraft updated to: 1.10.2

Legend Gear and falling stars updated to: 2.b.2.1


I have edited some of the Meteor files to slow if not stop the falling of meteors, it has gotten a little out of hand. I am hoping this will keep the items etc in the game for Falling meteors and at the same time slow if not stop them from falling so often.