Players poll

Since the 2.4 Stable update, Things seem to be going much more smoothly.
Less crashing bugs etc.

I want to put up a poll for people on whether or not we want to keep the current world, or start a new world with all the stable mods and features in. (Also MOBS will be back to normal instead of all powerful if I make a new world).

Thanks for taking the time to vote! I will let you know how the results go!

2.3a mod update coming soon

The damage indicators mod might cause lagg on some machines so I might remove it on the next mini update.

Also the mobs are only spawning with 1/2 or less health then they are supposed to.

I am tired and going to let it be for now until tomorrow.

Beware that all mobs do about 1.5 normal damage at the moment. The Town guards have been beefed up to compensate health wise.

Fastcraft Update to try and fix crash!!

Seems that Daroshi helped me nail down a crash that was happening on the server.

There is a crash that happens on structure generation due to Fastcraft. There is a new version which should fix this issue. If it DOESNT fix the issue I will remove Fastcraft from the Server side.

Download the New Version of fastcraft 1.20 from the download menu and put it in your mods folder.
MAKE sure you delete Fastcraft 1.19 after you do that.

Technomancy Mod Update

This mod fixes a crash with coils. Simple download it from the downloads dropdown and put it in your mods folder

MAKE SURE you delete Technomancy 0.9.0 first

YAY no more having to break bottles and connect them to the Thaumatorium to make items anymore! Wireless coil on the top of the Thaumatorium now once i link all the bottles to it will pull the essentia from them! yay!

Mod update to fix crash and Tool leveling back!

Crash Fix:

Well Ashuri stumbled upon a server crashing bug, come to find out its a railcraft bug issue that was outdated.
So I updated railcraft on the server to a newer version!

Tool Leveling Back:

Sooooo I thought I would make a comprimise, I put tool leveling back for all those that wanted it. But I enabled all vanilla tools too so you can pick whatever way you want to play!
(this will even allow you to use stone tinkerers tools again too)

Installing the Update:

Under the download dropdown, Download the MiniUpdate-1.83a file, DELETE the old railcraft in your mods folder FIRST Then extract this mini update to your:
folder. (!!Remember this is a mini update so DONT delete your mods folder for this!!)
DONT FORGET to delete the old railcraft from your mods directory!

You MUST overwrite the existing Iguanas config files!

Disabled Coils in Technomancy 0.9.0

Seems that using the coils on a Thaumatorium and bottles works great ……… until you restart the server! Then Boom!!! The server wont start. Seems theres an error in either the coil or the Thaumatorium.

Heres a video of it working (Too bad it crashes the server on restart):

Error Log

Hopefully it can be fixed in a later version of Technomancy

Twilight Forest and BiomesOPlenty id Conflict Fixed

Seems that the Twilight forest biome ids were conflicting with the BiomesOPlenty mod. The ids for the twilight forest were matching the BiomesOPlenty mod. The fix was to change the ID’s for the twilight forest in the TwilightForest.cfg file and change the values. (You cannot exceed 256 for biome ids!!)

biome {

That should fix it. All seems well now in the world!