Chunks Reloaded! Also 1.83b Packed!

So it was suggested to me if I could save our player houses etc and reload the world around us, so that the world would be fresh and new when we load new chunks!

Well I have indeed done that! (Ashuri I made sure to save your castle mountain!)

The world chunks around townhall, Ashuris mountaintop, Jeran, and fros house are completely new!

I Have a backup of our world in case we want to revert back!

Yay for new exploring!

Disabled Coils in Technomancy 0.9.0

Seems that using the coils on a Thaumatorium and bottles works great ……… until you restart the server! Then Boom!!! The server wont start. Seems theres an error in either the coil or the Thaumatorium.

Heres a video of it working (Too bad it crashes the server on restart):

Error Log

Hopefully it can be fixed in a later version of Technomancy

Zelda Heart Containers Issue

Hey all!

I had to disable the additional Hearts you get from the Zelda Sword Skills mod. There is a very strange bug that Fro and I found last night, when you go into the Aether your health will go up to about 900 health if you have Zelda heart containers.

Keep in mind that the Tinkerers Construct Heart containers work just fine.

If you have the Tinkerers construct items on and your hearts should be higher, Take the Tinkerers items off then put them back on again. If that doesnt work. Put all your belongings into a chest and let your character die somehow. The put your gear back on. If THAT doesnt work, contact me!

Seems Tinkerers mod is causing hearts to go up by a LOT also, but that cant be disabled so you get to have a lot of health after the Aether until its fixed! yay!

I will enable the Zelda heart containers after it has been fixed!

Thank you