Install Instructions


Forge Mod Loader install for minecraft Launcher

First download the forge mod loader Linked under the downloads dropdown at the top of the page.

  • Start up minecrafts normal launcher, Click Edit Profile
  • Next to Use Version select release 1.7.10
  • Click Save Profile

  • Click Play (you should notice it will say “Ready to download and play minecraft 1.7.10” (Unless you have already played minecraft 1.7.10)

  • After the main screen load click Quit! (you should see it says 1.7.10 minecraft on the bottom left before you quit)

  • Close minecraft launcher
  • Launch the forge-1.7.10- file
  • Select “install client”

  • Once it says its complete launch the minecraft launcher again
  • Select “Forge from the profile dropdown

  • Make sure it says Ready to play and update 1.7.10-Forge on the bottom right
  • Click play
  • It will download and install some files.
  • You will see it says FML Minecraft Forge on the bottom left now.

  • Click Quit game (ITS IMPORTANT you launch the game menu once and quit after you install forge!!)
  • Forge is now installed!

Modpack Installation

Download the Latest TheSuccubus Modpack (Check the Link at the top of the site):

  • Launch the normal minecraft launcher
  • Click the profile editor TAB at the top
  • Right click on Forge and select “Open Game Folder” This will take you to the game folder for mods etc.

  • Delete the Mods folder and the options.txt file:

  • Extract the TheSuccbus-Modpack-Forge-2-25-15.rar file to that folder (C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft)

  • double check that the mods folder and the options.txt file are back in that directory
  • The mods folder should now also have a bunch of mods in it!

Memory update:

  • Make sure Forge is selected for your profile and click Edit Profile
  • Change the Xmx1G to AT LEAST 4 if you can. The example i show is 7 gigs (Remember to check your computers memory before you set this!):

  • Click Save Profile!
  • Lastly, Make sure Forge is selected for profile on the bottom left then hit play!

  • Enjoy your game!!

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