Thaumcraft Tutorial

Thaumcraft 4.1


First Step

Make a wand

To make a wand you need 2 iron Caps.

Make an iron cap from Iron Nuggets, Iron nuggets can be made from an Iron ingot:

Now create the wand by putting a stick in the middle:

Congrats you have a wand!

A wand stores magic Called “Vis” which are different elements of magic, you will see the wand and the elements on the top left when holding the wand:

If you hold SHIFT it will show you how much of that Vis element you have in your wand. (This one has 0 of all Vis)

Second Step

Make a Thaumonomicon

  • Make a regular bookshelf (Please dont use the library ones!)
  • Plop it on the ground
  • Then with your wand Right click the bookshelf
  • Bingo you have a Thaumonomicon:

Third Step

Make an Arcane WorkTable

To make a research table you need to make 1 tables using wood slabs and planks:

Plop the table into the world.

Right click it with your wand and Presto it will change to a Arcane Workbench!

(Caution your wand will pop into the table in the top right slot so dont forget to take it back)

Fourth Step

Make A Research table

Making a research table is the same as making a arcane workbench you just need to make TWO tables and place them side by side:

To turn this into a research table you will need a scribing tool and PAPER! (Make a couple of scribing tools you will need an extra one)

Scribing tool (Glass bottle, Ink, Feather):

Paper (Sugarcane pieces):

Now Right click on the double table you placed in world! And PRESTO you have a Research table!!

If you Right click the table you can see your scribing tool on the top left and a COUPLE of things already researched (The picture shows a lot because i already have been scanning etc like crazy in world)

Fifth Step

Make a Thaumometer

FOR SCIENCE!!! …… and Magic hehe.

Make a thaumometer (its any magic shard ((Earth, air, order etc)) on the top and bottom, gold, and glass:

You can find the magic shards by mining them, they are scattered throughout the world! They look like this:

Once you make your thaumometer Run around and scan things (Right click to scan) Some things you wont be able to scan until you have found and scanned the basic material first! HINT: Try scanning a torch first.

Every time you scan something you gain research points and those research points go to your research table!

It also shows you in your thaumometer what type something is when you look at it:

The Thaumometer will ALSO allow you to see Aura nodes which you will NEED for your wand! They are nodes almost invisible without the thaumometer.

Without Thaumometer:

WITH thaumometer:

You can even see these nodes from far away through blocks with the thaumometer!

Start scanning things in world, everything you can, you will need them to do research!!


Sixth Step


After you have scanned a bunch of things and discovered a bunch.

Go grab some of the Paper you made earlier and an Extra Scribing tool

put them into your inventory. You NEED them in your inventory in order to pick research from your Thaumonomicon!!

Open up your Thaumonomicon

Click on the Basic information Tab.

Click anywhere in the Purple background and drag around to see all the research things and informational things

First things first, Lets find the Research Expertise researchable item in your thauminomicon:

Once you click on the research Expertise (With a Scribing tool and Paper in your inventory)  you will get a Research note in your inventory for that Research!

Let the Research BEGIN!!

Go to your Research Table you made and Right click it! Make sure theres a Scribing tool in it on the top left and it has enough ink! if not make a new scribing tool and R click table to put it in!

NOW put your Research Note into the top slot of the table and you will see a research grid! WOOT!

If you see a ? on the Grid it means there is something you have not discovered yet that you need to discover in order to research this. (So get out there with your thaumometer and discover more!)

What we need to do to complete the research for this is we need to connect all the outer nodes together somehow, if you have the right combination you will see a white line to the element you put on the paper.

to do this we DRAG an element on the left onto the paper on the right. if its right you will see a white line connection, if its wrong the element will be dark or black on the paper. (Be careful as you LOSE elements you found in the world as you try to get the puzzle)

But cherry do I just GUESS what elements i need by tossing them on the table?

NO!!! You do NOT just guess

open your Thaumonomicon and click on Basic tab → look for Aspects of Magic –. Click on that:

It will show you what each element is made of:

For example, Cognitio is made of Ignis and Spiritus!!!

So if you put Ignis or Spiritus NEXT to Cognitio it will connect:

You see the white line connects them!

Keep doing this until you connect all the nodes together and you will get a Completed Research Scroll.

By completing Research Expertise you will get some help researching, you can mouse over things on the research table to see what make up that element instead of having to go to your thaumonomicon every time:

With research expertise it will make doing research much easier and fun!

What to research now?

Research things that YOU want

There is SOOOOO much in the thaumonomicon that you can pick what you want and research it!

Keep in mind some things are locked because you may have to discover it in the world.

Keep researching!

How do I craft things I researched?

Need Vis and more vis!!

you need vis thats stored in your wand! You need to charge your wand with vi!

Find Aura nodes that we discussed finding with the Thaumometer section.

Each Aura has a different element. Once you find one R click it with your wand to take that energy and fill your wand with it!

If you look on the top left you will see what your wands filling with, you can hold SHIFT to see how much its filled with:

Some Vis you can get through combat but not all!

If you go to a Arcane Crafting table and you want to make something (Dont forget to put your wand in the top right of the Arcane crafting table)

(this example shows you how to make enchanted fabric)

You can see the elements around the table and how much of its Vi you need. You can see here that my wand has plenty of  air Vis but not enough of the rest to craft the fabric:

Once you have enough Vis you can craft the item!

Thats the basics of getting started!

HAVE fun!!! (The section below is a sort of cheat sheet on what to scan etc, up to you to check it out or not)

Thaumcraft Scanning Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet

(Do not read the below unless you’re stuck on what you should scan to advance)

Remember even after you scan everything below you still should scan EVERYTHING you see to gain more research points in different elements!!!

  1. Torch –> Lux
  2. Coal, Coal Ore –> Potenia
  3. Water –> Aqua
  4. Dirt –> Terra
  5. *Research: (Terra + Aqua) –> Victus
  6. Grass Block or Grass –> Herba
  7. Chest, Bowl –> Vacuos
  8. Air Shard –> Aer
  9. Order Shard –> Order
  10. Cobblestone –> Perditio & Terra
  11. Trapdoor –> Motus & Arbor
  12. Glass Block –> Vitreus
  13. *Research: (Victus + Perditio) –> Mortuus
  14. Any Shard, Mossy Cobble, Chiseled Sandstone. –> Praecantatio
  15. *Research (Mortuus + Victus) –> Spiritus
  16. Skeleton Skull –> Spiritus
  17. Cinnabar Ore –> Permutatio
  18. Spider Eye –> Bestia
  19. Paper –> Cognitio
  20. *Research (Cognitio + Bestia) –> Humanus
  21. Raw Fish –> Corpus
  22. Carrot –> Fames
  23. Amber –> Vinculum
  24. Flint –> Instrumentum
  25. Boat –> Iter
  26. Mushroom –> Tenebrae

And then you can scan the rest (no particular order necessary):

  • Research (Ordo + Victus) –> Sano
  • Clock –> Tempus
  • Research (Perditio + Pracantatio) –> Vitium
  • *Research (Fames + Sensus) –>  Invidia
  • Crafting Table (Basic Table) –> Fabrico
  • Bed –> Pannus & Desidia
  • Arrow or Swords –> Telum
  • Creeper Head –> Ira
  • *Research (Fames Vacuos) –> Gula
  • *Research (Ignis + Praecantatio) –> Infurnus
  • Feather –> Volotus
  • Golden Chestplate –> Superbia
  • *Research (Fames + Corpus) –> Luxuria
  • Any one block tall vanilla Flower –> Sensus
  • Wool –> Fabrico & Pannus
  • Spider Eye –> Venenum (and also Sensus)
  • Snow, Ice  (Or Research Fire and Perditio) –> Gelum
  • Milk Bucket –> Sano
  • Any Hoe or Shears –> Meto
  • Any Pickaxe –> Perfodio
  • Leather, any Armor –> Tutamen
  • Hopper, Cinnabar Ore(has also Venenum) –> Permutatio
  • Fence Gate –> Machina & Iter
  • Iron Ingot, Iron Ore –> Metallum
  • Gold –> Lucrum
  • Zombie, Skellington –> Exanimis
  • Ender Pearl, Blaze , Obsidian Totem –> Alienis
  • Slimeball –> Limus
  • Tainted Goo –> Vitium (and also Limus)
  • Ethereal Essence (any Aspect) –> Auram
  • poop –> Limus

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